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Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons Ltd. and Singapore Airlines (SIA), launched its cargo operations with the sole objective of providing efficient air freight transportation service across all its stations in India.


We believe that reliability, efficiency and service quality are the major factors towards achieving our goal of satisfying customers and we believe in improving our services continuously through the feedback received from our customers & by continually adding to our product offerings.

Vistara currently operates across various locations in India. Customers can book cargo through our authorized GSA.



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To serve the air freight industry by developing efficient logistical solutions to deliver cost effective solutions by meeting the highest level of industry standards.





Vistara commenced its operations in the domestic Indian arena by starting services at Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and now it operates across 15 destinations. Click here to know more about our network.





Vistara has entered into a partnership with Sovika Group as its exclusive GSA. Sovika, an established player in the aviation industry has been instrumental in deploying its operational expertise in the fields of cargo handling, cargo booking and delivery, managing customer queries and claims in addition to providing premium value added services.



Products & Services


Vistara Cargo provides a plethora of products and services that suits the requirement of its customers. 


General Cargo Services

This service includes the swiftest airport -to-airport transport service for a wide variety of product lines, which includes Garments, Textiles, Fabrics, Spare parts, documents and samples (courier bags) and technological products.

Our Expertise in handling the general cargo, which constitutes the largest product line, ensures that the process is extremely smooth and hassle free.


Special Cargo Services

These shipments are booked with prior intimation and guaranteed space commitment. Below mentioned categories fall in the range of ‘Special Cargo Services’:

  • Perishable – Cut flowers, Fresh fruits, Vegetables, Frozen fish, Shrimp seeds etc.
  • Newspapers, Magazines, Books & Periodicals
  • Vulnerable cargo (Mobile, Camera, Laptops etc.)
  • Medicines, Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceutical products
  • Household Goods
  • Unaccompanied Baggage

Special Cargo is packed in separate bags which are easily identifiable. Each bag will be sealed so as to prevent any loss of contents and is loaded on the first scheduled flight.


Customized Air Logistics Products

Vistara Cargo provides various customized logistical services to meet the requirements of customers. The range of value added services include:

  • Online booking and tracking of shipments
  • Flown as booked
  • Special handling of cargo falling under the ‘Special Cargo’ category
  • Customer care assistance provided 24 x 7


Rrestricted Air Logistics Products

Vistara Cargo restricts air cargo that may cause aircraft or passengers’ health or safety issues, or any other damage. The main restricted categories being:

  • Explosives: fireworks and firecrackers, detonating fuses, etc.;
  • Gases: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguisher, gas cartridge, inflated ball, respirator, explosive automotive airbag, aerosol, gas lighter, gas cylinder, and lamp bulb etc.;
  • Flammable liquid: e.g. paint, gasoline, alcohol, engine oil, camphor oil, engine starting fluid, turpentine, thinner, mucilage, perfume, insect sprays, air freshener etc.
  • Flammable solid, pyrophoric substances, and substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water: e.g. activated carbon, titanium powder, copra, castor products, rubber debris, safety matches, dry white phosphorus , dry yellow phosphorus, magnesium powder, and solid gum, etc.
  • Toxic and infectious items: pesticides, lithium batteries
  • Corrosive items: e.g. batteries, alkaline battery electrolyte
  • Magnetic substances without degaussing packaging, magnetic steel and other strong magnetic products: e.g. currency detectors, speakers, magnets
  • Items dangerous to public health: e.g. corpses & bones (inc. incinerated), untanned hides, animal bones not processed with chemicals
  • Oxidizers, organic peroxides, radioactive materials & corrosive items: e.g. chemical medicines, lab chemicals (potassium permanganate, sulphuric acid)
  • Powder, liquids, pastes, and other items with danger signs on their packaging
  • Biochemical products and infectious materials of all kinds: e.g. bacillus anthracis, dangerous pathogens, medical wastes



Cargo Booking Norms


  • Cargo is accepted and transported as per IATA rules
  • Packing of the shipments should be air worthy to withstand normal handling during transit
  • The shipper is expected to provide proper declaration of the shipments with respect to its content and value
  • Shipments booked on prime rate takes precedence over general cargo
  • Chargeable weight will be determined by the actual gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher
  • The gross weight of single shipment should not exceed 85 kg
  • The origin station should receive prior intimation regarding the weight, dimensions and other particulars in case of heavy/or odd dimension shipments
  • Palletization of heavy shipments is compulsory
  • Liquid and semi liquid consignments will be accepted only if packed in accordance with IATA standards
  • Dangerous goods are prohibited for carriage