This Women’s Day, we are delighted to launch #VistaraWomanFlyer, an industry-first service designed for women travellers. As part of the new service, we will assign preferred seats to women, and will also provide baggage and transport assistance on arrival for women travelling alone.


Our customers can pre-select their preferred seats during booking, after booking through the ‘manage my booking’ feature, as well as during web check-in. Even if the woman traveler has not pre-selected a preferred seat in advance, we will ensure only a window or aisle seat is assigned at check-in. In addition, uniformed Vistara staff will be available at the baggage claim area holding #VistaraWomanFlyer Arrivals Assistance placards, to assist women travelers with their luggage and with the booking of airport-authorized taxis, as well as escort such customers up to the taxi stand upon their request.

Terms and conditions

    • This is an optional complimentary service for female customers travelling alone or with children on a Vistara flight.
    • Vistara staff are present in the baggage claim area for all arriving flights, holding a “#VistaraWomanFlyer Assistance” placard, and should be approach if assistance is sought.
    • The service includes (i) luggage assistance upon arrival (ii) arranging a taxi from airport authorised taxi providers at the arrival/connecting station (iii) Vistara staff escorting the customer till the taxi stand.
    • The taxi fare must be borne by the customer herself.
    • Vistara forgoes any responsibility/ liability once the customer exits the airport premises.